Saturday, September 26, 2009

what to do on a hot afternoon

To celebrate actually having a garden (and a harvest), last week I decided to make salsa. We certainly had the peppers and tomatoes for it. S harvested the peppers and did the mincing (and the Pampered Chef chopper was a life-saver) while I peeled tomatoes and assembled the other ingredients. We were halfway in before I hauled out the mason jars and hoped that I had lids for them all...fortunately I had bought a box of new lids before putting all the canning stuff away last year. I sound like this is a regular event....actually it occurs every couple of years when I make plum jam, which is my idea of putting-by.

S took off for an appointment and I spent a couple of hot, steamy hours in a 90-degree kitchen. When I finished, I had this:

Eight jars...a lot of work, but very satisfying. To celebrate, we had Huevos Rancheros for dinner. Next time, I need to remember to assemble jars and lids before chopping ingredients, and to add more jalapenos. Otherwise, a success. (Recipe is Fiesta Salsa from the Ball Blue Book.)

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