Sunday, January 17, 2010

Garden, January version

Back in October, I decided to plant an Early Girl tomato rooted cutting in my version of a sub-irrigated-planter. Our weather is generally mild until January, and this year has been especially so. The summer's tomatoes in the ground never really died off, so I've left them in the ground and just pruned off some dead stuff now and then. I've had a bumper crop of tomato leaves and blossoms, but only Early Girl has set fruit. (too bad you can't eat tomato leaves.) The plants have full south exposure and are up against the house where they are kept pretty warm. The photo above is after I brought in the ripe ones.

Well, we've had fresh tomatoes since October. The cutting in the SIP has produced very well, but the original Early Girl has also kept producing fruit. Not a bumper crop, and they aren't the best tasting, but they sure beat grocery store tomatoes any day.
Our first storm of 2010 has rolled in, so our highs are going down to 60 or so and we're getting much-needed rain. Meanwhile, we're having sliced tomatoes for dinner.

While cleaning up the tomatoes today, I snapped this shot of our orange tree. The branches are burdened with oranges - if only they were sweet. A wedge or two is delicious in water, and I'm looking to make some marmalade soon. At this rate, I'll be drinking orange water until next year's crop comes in.

We are blessed with abundance.

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