Monday, January 18, 2010

Practicing Gratitude

I've been thinking about gratitude a lot this last week. Although I am hugely aware and thankful for the "big" things -- healthy husband and children, comfortable home, etc. -- I've been thinking about the small things that make up my days. A lot of them are annoying if I let them be, and I often do. But posting a list gives pause. A good thing.

A lot of my little things are worldly and trifling. It's okay, I can still be thankful for them.

holy experience

  • ginger
  • unpacking the Christmas candle I have had for over 30 years, and sniffing the aroma that takes me back to those days
  • a rainy holiday and no need to go out
  • a precious visit with all three daughters
  • M's animated description of her new semester's classes
  • H taking my hand when we were walking together the other day
  • E's hard work to create a family dinner party under fairly stressful conditions; she succeeded amazingly well
  • almond butter
  • Trader Joe's
  • museums (yes, really)
  • electricity
  • our daughters' friends - they have good judgment

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