Monday, February 1, 2010

Still so very thankful

I don't update this often, mostly because I write it as an exercise for myself and I'm not sure anyone else has ever read it. ;-) But I find that perfectionistic part of me really doesn't want to post something publicly unless I am sure it is wonderful, witty, or at least entertaining. And usually what I want to say isn't.

I am thinking regularly about all the little gifts in my life, the ones that I want to record here, and the meaning of the "1000 Gifts" Gratitude Community. Sometimes I smile at a small gift, thanking God for showing me the squirrel running up the orange tree or my husband pointing to the small bird singing loudly to the world. Sometimes I bluster my way through my day, not paying attention to anything but my to-do list and the rumble in my head. I hope to change the ratio of those days.

holy experience

  • the icemaker we waited many years to plumb and the sound of the cubes plunking out at all hours
  • text messages, especially from the girls
  • soup
  • audiobooks
  • a friend who says "yippee-do" in gladness to be together
  • an office with a window
  • the new-to-us cherry cabinet that a friend wanted us to have
  • built-in nightlights
  • the little bird who sings in the front yard
  • hot water
  • my new clunky shoes that are so so good for my feet
  • friends who are glad to see me even when I am at my crankiest
  • my husband cleaning the litter box without being asked or reminded

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