Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring, I think

Spring in our part of the world is my absolute favorite time of the year. The freesias are in full blast bloom, even dying off in the sunniest part of the yard. The first roses are blooming, and the others are full of buds. The unending shades of green are everywhere....even the enormous sycamore in the front parkway has signs of green. The odd part is the weather flips from a lovely 70 degrees, up to near 90 and Santa-Ana-windy, and now it's dropping to the low 60's this week with a cold storm on the way. I've been gardening like crazy, loving being outside -- even dragged out the watercolors the other day, just to sit in the sun and look at the amazing shades of light around me. And the daylilies...their yellow sunshine is so lovely.

I've missed my gratitude journaling the last month. The perfectionist in me doesn't want to admit that I might have to post on a Tuesday. ;-)

holy experience

  • the daylilies around the drive-through ATM; sometimes I snap a photo out the window of the car to try to capture them. They fascinate me.
  • the freesias that return every spring with their amazing scent as I walk by
  • a five-day weekend, with time to rest
  • a breakfast-and-bookstore date with my husband on Saturday
  • dinner tonight with an old friend - it's lovely to have friends who knew you 20 years ago
  • Amazon's used books
  • my new Earthboxes; what an brilliant invention
  • watercolors and my favorite W&N Series 7 brush
  • Peace roses, usually the first to bloom
  • MLS soccer season has started, and college basketball is almost over! (yes I'm thankful for that)
  • all three daughters have had a growing/testing/stretching time lately and I am so proud of all of them
  • E's new apartment
  • H's maturity, hard work and faith while figuring out her next year of school
  • M's missions trip to Mexico and her hard work for her upcoming trip to Africa
  • long chats with my mom and step-mom
  • a weekend away with my husband, planned around his love of trains, that was a good getaway for both of us
  • God's timing; His care is impeccable

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