Monday, January 10, 2011

Still here

I'm sure the world has wondered where I've been. I've been right here, Being Happy, but decided not to blog for awhile. The world kept spinning! amazing!

My last post was about Spring, which was wonderful last year. We also had Summer, which was also lovely and very Not Hot. While we enjoyed a cool summer, the garden did not, and mostly flopped. No blog-worthy photos to share. Fall came, and as expected, so did the heat. We had a blast though, riding our new Townie 21Ds around, and discovered the joy of bike trails. We combined weekends away to watch college soccer with beach bike rides, and earned the respect of our kids and their friends. We're the cool parents with the bikes in the back of the van!

As soccer season ended, some health issues combined with wacky wet weather, and alas, our bike expeditions mostly ended. We've had a few rides to the beach, and are looking forward to getting back to some longer rides soon.

Thankfulness thoughts:
  • the beautiful Christmas tree we bought a couple of years ago - I never thought I would enjoy anything "artificial" so much
  • a Christmas season full of grown daughters in and out, with friends and boyfriends and roommates and general chaos; it was lovely
  • the absolute luxury of choosing a setting for a simple pair of earrings; a gift from my love. The ability to choose was a wonderful part of the gift.
  • jigsaw puzzles
  • the changing colors of the leaves this winter; at least a month of beauty
  • making a full pot of coffee, knowing there are girls home to drink it with me
  • an abundance of yarn, scored at a couple of sales for an unbelievable price. All I can knit for at least a year!
  • Joy & Strength by Mary Wilder Tileston
  • Sunday night simple suppers with good friends

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