Sunday, June 5, 2011

Pawley's Island, 2011: the PIT

Just off U.S. 17, between Myrtle Beach and Charleston, is a hidden gem of a local place, the Pawley's Island Tavern. Known as "The PIT" and marked only by an old mailbox, it's down a dirt road, tucked behind the Island Shops. And yes, Island Knits is conveniently there in front.
The decor is marked by dollar bills that have been stapled and taped to the walls and ceiling, most with some personal note or name written across.
There's a large patio area, but we've never used it -- we always aim for the same table. Well, I say "always" because it's about my favorite place to eat in Pawley's Island, and I think we've eaten there four times in the last few years.
So why do I love this place? Other than funky decor, cold Blue Moon, and nice people, they have really good food. Southern comfort food for me, although Mike says their pizza is the best around. I wouldn't know -- why would I fly 3000 miles to South Carolina for pizza?
Our first lunch at the PIT this year was early in the trip, and I had not even begun to fill my quota of fried food. So I had a shrimp/flounder basket and it was grand. Like many restaurants in South Carolina, the PIT makes their own potato chips and they are worth the calorie load. Some cole slaw and a Blue Moon, and I was happy.

Gaye and Cindy being happy

We requested a return to the PIT for our last lunch of the trip. I had the "Barbecue" which of course is pulled pork on a bun, again with cole slaw and those homemade chips. Oh yum. And amazingly, I think it was $5.25.

Stuart had an Oyster Po'Boy that day, which he thoroughly enjoyed. Mike and Gaye were relieved that I didn't photograph them eating their lunches, and were good sports about their crazy houseguests snapping photos everywhere.

Good memories.

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