Saturday, July 9, 2011

The First Week of the Rest of My Life

So it's been eight days since I turned in my keys, ID card and parking pass. What have I been doing?
  • riding - 86 miles this week. So nice to have time for longer rides.
  • cooking - I've made three recipes from my newest cookbook, Cook This, Not That. Grilled Shrimp-Stuffed Pasilla Peppers, Jerk Pork Loin, and Steak Sandwiches. Yum.
  • spending time with Hil - what a treat that's been!
  • making an enormous list, which could take me six months to accomplish. Oh well.
  • spending quite a bit of time with DMIL, including daily visits while she's under the weather.
  • watching a lot of soccer, thanks to the Women's World Cup. Confession: the WWC had something to do with my retirement date.
  • running errands: picked up my new glasses (which I love), dropping off three bags of books Hilary decluttered, recycling, and actually going to Costco during the middle of the day.
  • sorting through what I brought home from my office. Not even close to getting through that.
  • oh yes, dyeing yarn with Kool-Aid. Great fun, and a improvement over the ugly colorway of this yarn.

  • eating well - in addition to the cooking mentioned above, Stuart has treated me to different renditions of Chorizo Eggs Surprise. Especially welcome after a hard bike ride. (hint: it's mostly egg whites and Soy Chorizo. Thanks, Emmy, for telling us about Soy Chorizo!)

  • and of course, knitting. Have to knit. I knit almost a full pair of mittens for Wool-Aid, my favorite knitting charity, and then with great satisfaction, frogged them completely. Hated them. Sometimes you just know what you have to do.
It's been a good week. Not entirely what I was expecting, but full and blessed.

And since I didn't post this before, here is a last office photo before I left work last week. Such wonderful women, and I will miss being part of their daily lives. Maria, Kit, Evelyn, Carol and Dora, thank you for everything. I'm proud to be a Credential Center Emeritus. Let's do lunch!!

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